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Update: Controversial Meeting Set For Monday As Forest Service and Town of Tusayan Seek Deal To Make Way For Damaging Development

December 18, 2014

The Tusayan Town Council is scheduled to discuss and possibly approve an agreement with the Forest Service that could pave the way for a damaging development at the doorstep of the Grand Canyon. the meeting will take place Monday December 22nd at 8am.

The plan is to ink a deal with the Forest Service that would allocate costs and consultants to review access to Forest Service roads and lands and pave the way for Italian developer Stilo to move ahead on its environmentally damaging plan to add three million square feet of commercial space and thousands of homes to Tusayan.

The Town and the Forest Service are moving ahead even though residents oppose the access route and the Grand Canyon School District has formally opposed the plan which would confiscate School District land. The road that Stilo wants would put thousands of cars travelling directly in front of the Town Park and the site of a future school. The concept posed such a hazard, it was formally opposed by the Grand Canyon School District which owns the right of way needed for the road.

The Town Council held its formal meeting last night (December 17) and this issue was not mentioned. Here is a link to Monday's agenda.