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Squire Expansion: More Rooms in Tusayan. No New Employee Housing From Halvorson

December 20, 2014

Elling Halvorson and Mayor Greg Bryan like to stress Tusayan incorporation is all about providing quality housing for the residents of Tusayan.

Yet plans for the expansion of the Best Western Squire, which Halvorson owns and Bryan manages, contain no provisions for additional employee housing in Tusayan.
The first phase of the expansion calls for 54 new rooms. And while the construction and expansion may expand he local economy, it won’t solve the housing problem. In fact when Mayor Bryan was asked about housing at a September Planning and Zoning meeting he said there would be no new Tusayan housing. The extra employees would be accommodated in Valle. Here is a link to the minutes.


And when Bryan was questioned by the Grand Canyon News on the matter he expressed hope about the Stilo development which has yet to provide any housing for residents.

The primary beneficiary of the Squire expansion is Halvorson.

Halvorson, who is Stilo’s business partner, has been making a living off Tusayan for decades yet he has yet to build any quality employee housing. Instead he and Bryan are hoping government will solve the problem thanks to generous concessions made to Italian developer Stilo.

Tusayan business leaders such as Red Feather’s Clarinda Vail and The Canyon Plaza’s Ann Wren have managed to build quality employee housing without help from the government and without demands on Town Hall. Their apartment complexes are infinitely better than the drafty trailers Halvorson offers his workers.