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Tusayan Town Park Restroom Project Gets Moving

January 13, 2015

It took months of debate but Tusayan has a plan to build restrooms at the Town Park. Red Feather Properties Manager Clarinda Vail has agreed to the Town utilizing her home's sewer and water lines saving thousands of dollars. As a result the Town will only have to spend $37,000 to extend that line to the Town Park. Without Vail's help the cost would have $97,000 or more. The cost of building the actual restroom facility will be around $200,000.

Councilman Bill Fitzgerald urged the council to pass the Vail option noting,  It's the cheapest and requires the fewest permits."

Mayor Greg Bryan and Councilman Al Montoya still wanted to explore other options which included a septic tank. Instead the council went with Fitzgerald's option with Bryan and Montoya voting no.

Costs for this project have swung wildly as engineering estimates for sewer and water service have run as high as $300,000.