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Who Is Responsible For Tusayan's Christmas Lights?

January 13, 2015

Getting the Tusayan holiday lights down is getting to be a bit complicated. The Chamber of Commerce ran the show before incorporation. it then handed the responsibility to the Town. the town has relied on the Tusayan Sanitary District for storage, set up and removal.

At the January 7th Tusayan Council meeting, the Sanitary district asked the town for $4,000 to handle the task. At which point Mayor Greg Bryan said, "I am shocked at this." And he stressed the Christmas lights are "community based" and not a function of the town. He said, "I am really surprised at this."

Tusayan Sanitary District Director Robert Petzoldt says the intent was not to impose a fee on the Town but rather to get the District out of the business of being keepers of the Christmas lights. 

The process itself takes at least four hours and a fair amount of equipment. There's also the task of properly storing the decorations.

Petzoldt said the District will assist the Town this year as the Town looks for a long term solution. those solutions include getting a special platform to install and take down the lights.

The Mayor concluded by stating he did not intend the slight the Sanitary District and he appreciated all they have done.