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Updated: Stilo Gets Another Break

January 29, 2015

The Tusayan Town Council has voted to give Stilo yet another extension on its development agreement. After going into  default last year, Stilo managed to get its agreement amended with the understanding that it’s supposed to come up with some sort of development plan for lite commercial at the Camper Village site.

They had a year to get it done. The deadline was January 22nd. They missed the deadline. On January 29th, the Town Council held a special meeting gave Stilo another break in the form of a 30 day extension.

Councilman Bill Fitzgerald cast the only no vote. Councilman Fitzgerald told the Watchdog, “They had the time for the first PADA (Planned Area Development Agreement)  and they were in default. And we gave them another year’s extension on the amendment and they still haven’t provided us information on what they are doing. And now they want another 30 days. I said in the past they would not be good partners in the development and I still don’t think they are good partners.”

So far Stilo has only managed to put a few trailer homes on the site, not exactly what they had promised back in the day.

Fitzgerald is also concerned because Stilo has had very little direct communication with the Town.  The last time Stilo bothered to show up at a council meeting was last year when they were begging for the first extension. They also showed up to last summer’s School Board meeting when they tried to grab land from the school district.

The letter to Stilo was sent on January 29th. We have a copy of it thanks to a public records request. Click here to see the letter. It doesn't seem very demanding. It just lets Stilo know it got another 30 days despite missing yet another deadline.