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Tusayan Mayor Not Enthused About Proposal To Preserve Grand Canyon Watershed

March 8, 2015

 The Grand Canyon Wildlands Council is seeking support for a plan that would give national monument status to 1.7 million acres of land surrounding the Grand Canyon national park. Among other things this designation would forbid uranium mining protect the watershed.

It’s that second part that drew concern from Tusayan Mayor Greg Bryan when the proposal was presented to the Town Council  March 4th. Here is a link to what the Wildlands Council hopes to accomplish.

Wildlands Council Executive Director Kelly Burke said Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick among others suppors this idea.

Tusayan Mayor Greg Bryan, who is a supporter of Stilo’s environmentally damaging development project said he is concerned about “unintended consequences” and the impact the intended consequences designation would have on the community.

Councilman John Rueter said he would have to see more information.

Bryan also expressed concern that Congresswoman Kirkpatrick has not spoken to him about this plan. He said, “That’s putting the cart before horse.”

Burke said the congresswoman is working hard to reach everyone involved. Representative Raul Grijalva is also supporting the idea.

The Center for Biological Diversity endorses the designation. Here is a portion of the group’s news release:

These representatives speak on behalf of the residents of Arizona and the American public who overwhelmingly support protection of the Grand Canyon watershed,” said Katie Davis, public lands campaigner at the Center for Biological Diversity. “Their bold leadership on this issue highlights the critical role this region serves in sustaining imperiled wildlife, clean drinking water and a unique cultural heritage for future generations.”