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Stilo Fumbles Camper Village Site Plan

March 30, 2015

 After a missed deadline, and an admonition from the Town of Tusayan, Stilo decided to wait until the very last minute to throw a site plan over the fence at the March 24th Town Council meeting. Stilo met with members of the Development Review Committee on March 5th and the developer was instructed to present a more complete plan.

Stilo didn’t file anything about the plan prior to the meeting and instead handed out a packet and made a presentation. Nothing was filed in advance.

The plan presented showed a series of buildings, some as high as three stories that would mix hotel and retail along with an underground parking garage.

Stilo gave the Council and the Planning and Zoning Committee a power point presentation that compared the Camper Village project to City North in Phoenix and a project in Denver. They designer also discussed how the company has worked in the past on sustainable efforts such as rain water retention. That may be a great idea for Denver, but given how little rain falls in Tusayan, it seems to be a wasted effort.

Here is a link to a packet Stilo handed out the day of the meeting. It contains some but not all elements of the power point. We also had to reduce the resolution because of file size limits.

Councilmember Bill Fitzgerald said the Stilo presentation was still incomplete, “I came to the meeting tonight with the misunderstanding they we were going to get some idea of the site plan for limited commercial development in Camper Village. Instead I get this sales job that Stilo has been presenting for almost 25 years.”

Stilo honcho Tom DePaolo admitted there is no formal timetable as to when any construction would begin. DePaolo said, “We want to do this as soon as possible.” He added, “25 years and we haven’t put a shovel in the ground yet but we are persevering.”

The March 5th Development Review Committee meeting in which the developer was instructed to present something more complete is still a bit of a mystery. There was no formal notification of the meeting and we are seeking the names of the members. Remember if the meeting was attended by two or fewer council members, it does not have to be posted. Councilman Fitzgerald has been challenging that rule and has been urging more openness and transparency. He would like to see all such meetings open to the public.