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Bad News For The Colorado River. Bad News For Stilo

April 15, 2015

 Stilo can’t seem to get a break. For months the developer has been making claims that it will pull water from the Colorado River to feed its environmentally damaging development project which adds thousands of residents and three million square feet of commercial space to Tusayan.

Now comes word that the Colorado River is the nation’s most endangered river. The study by American Rivers names the Stilo development as one of the threats.

Here is what the study has to say:

“Finally, a foreign investment group is planning to expand the town of Tusayan, which lies just outside the south entrance to Grand Canyon National Park. The project includes a spa, dude ranch, hotels, and more than 2,200 homes – representing a 1,000 percent expansion of the current population. This expansion may require substantial withdrawals of groundwater from the aquifer. Ongoing drought has dramatically affected this area of the country. Increased groundwater withdrawal could negatively impact ecologically important seeps and springs within the Grand Canyon itself.”

The Arizona Republic reports that Stilo has hired former Senator Jon Kyl has been hired to help it grab Colorado River water.

While those who want to protect the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River may not have the money to hire a former United States Senator, they do have public opinion on their side.

American Rivers also has a call to action to oppose plans that would damage the Colorado and the Canyon. Here is a link.