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Housing Committee Member Questions Stilo Proposal

April 7, 2011

Bill Fitzgerald has lived in Tusayan for 20 years. He knows his way around the town and he knows his way around the issues. At the April 6th Council meeting, the postal employee delivered a stern message to the Council.

After attending a Stilo group meeting on the land company's development plans, Fitzgerald was left with lots of questions but not too many answers."They said they were looking for input, at no time did they ask anyone what their input was."

Fitzgerald, who was recently appointed to the Town's Housing Committee, is concerned there there won't be enough water for Stilo's developement plans, which  set aside loads of land for high end resorts, pricey housing, and only 40 acres for affordable housing.

Fitzgerald said, "They spent $648,000 on incorporating this town and we still don't have answers." "I'm not happy with them."

As far as the water issue Fitzgerald wonders "where will they get it."

Fitzgerald says he asked Stilo and company several hard questions and was told , it's still in conceptualization. Fitzgerald said he expected more considering Stilo has been around more than 10 years.

He's referring to Stilo's failed attempts to build resorts and a roller coaster in a voter rejected proposal called Canyon Forest Village.