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Tusayan Council Opposes Creation Of Grand Canyon Watershed National Monument

May 5, 2015

The Tusayan Town Council is formally opposing the formation of the Grand Canyon Watershed National Monument. In doing so the Council expressed fears of intended and unintended consequences of such a designation. It could also impact the Stilo development project.

The stated goal  of the designation is to preserve the area surrounding the Grand Canyon National Park. However the Tusayan Town Council says the proposal was drafted without input from the local community, although the Grand Canyon Wildlands Council did make a presentation to the Town Council earlier this year.

Supporters see the issue differently. “Designation of the Grand Canyon Watershed National Monument would finally secure full protection for this great American treasure, fulfilling Theodore Roosevelt’s century-old vision of scenery, solitude, and safe haven, safe passage for the splendid wildlife diversity of the Kaibab Plateau’s ancient forests, wetlands, and meadows,” said Kelly Burke, executive director of Grand Canyon Wildlands Council.