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Hundreds Opposing Stilo Project

May 5, 2015

 If public comment is any indication, the Stilo project is in trouble. The Forest Service is reviewing Stilo’s request to access a Forest Service road to connect the Kotzin site to Highway 64. The ‘Scoping Process’ is underway through June 2nd in which the federal government is taking public comment.

So far, 373 comments have been submitted on line and nearly all of them oppose the access.

Here is a link to the comments. You can also follow the link to register your comments.

 Here are some examples.

“I am opposed to this development because I feel it puts the pristine nature of the Grand Canyon at risk and even more it endangers the water supply that the Native Peoples of the area depend on. Please do not allow this or any other foreign or domestic development to go forth under these circumstances.”

“The purpose of the rights-of-way that are part of this request is to enable construction of this huge resort development, which will almost exclusively benefit a private company foreign-owned Gruppo Stilo USA .However, the rights-of-way will harm a broad spectrum of the public.”

“PLEASE do NOT allow development anywhere near the Grand Canyon. The majesty of the canyon extends beyond its rim and opening the door to development will totally change the experience of approaching the canyon, turning the view into the canyon itself into a sort of drive-by Disney-like attraction. The surrounding land is part of the experience of the Canyon. All is awesome and sacred. NO to this terrible idea.”

Meanwhile, the “Tusayan’s Future” website which is funded by a development company in Italy urges local residents to support the project. Stilo is not the only non-resident seeking resident approval. Its partner is Elling Halvorson, who lives in the state of Washington.