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The Crosswalk Signs Are Up

May 14, 2015

 The wait is over. Tusayan, with ADOT's blessing has installed a series of crosswalk signs. They flash when a pedestrian hits a button alerting drivers that someone is in a crosswalk. It has taken months to get these signs approved and installed. ADOT had rejected less expensive options. The Tusayan Town Council has been concerned about pedestrian safety since the renovation of Highway 64 through town. Councilmember Al Montoya first advocated for the signs in response to an increase in accidents. TapCo, which makes the signs says they increase the chances a car will yield to a pedestrian by 23%.

The signs  flash in both directions and are placed at both ends of the intersections. Rules from the Arizona Department of Transportation require that if you place these at one crosswalk you have to install the signs at all seven of the town’s marked crosswalks. Phasing them in at all seven will take a few years