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Stilo to Opposition: Shut Up

May 23, 2015

 As thousands of people from across the country write the US Forest Service urging them to deny road access in Tusayan for an environmentally damaging development, Stilo’s Community Outreach Coordinator in Tusayan has a message, “If you don’t live in Tusayan, shut up.” 

That’s the sign Sandi Angat was carrying outside a May 20th hearing in Flagstaff hosting by the Forest Service.

There were people carrying signs supporting and opposing the Stilo development, although the opposition greatly outnumbered supporters and most if not all of the supporters work for Stilo or its business partner.

Here are some video highlights. https://youtu.be/99H-vl6WbMs

Opposition to the Stilo plan has echoed from the Arizona Republic, the New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, the Sierra Club, the Grand Canyon Trust, the Center for Biological Diversity, the Tusayan Sanitary District, the Grand Canyon School District, and the Center for Biological Diversity. 

Opponents were well represented at a series of public hearings on the Forest Service road access issue.

With few exceptions Angat thinks opponents should shut up. That’s despite the fact that developer Stilo is based in Italy and Stilo business partner Elling Halvorson lives in the state of Washington. “I live in Tusayan. I’m here supporting myself.”

Alicyn Gitlin of the Sierra Club was also at the hearing, “I feel this development is a threat to the Grand Canyon. It is going to damage the seeps and springs that wildlife and hikers depend on. And it is the wrong place for this kind of mega mall and giant massive development to go in.” 

The Forest Service is promising to consider all sides before making a decision. That’s the official statement.

The likely outcome is the Forest Service calling for an Environmental Impact Statement or EIS. That process could take several years. Stilo, which has spent millions to get its way, wants a fast track to the development.