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Havasupai Tribe Sees Through Stilo’s Attempts To Placate Them

June 7, 2015

 Stilo’s attempts to buy off the Native American community have failed. The Italian developer that wants to build an environmentally destructive project in Tusayan has pledged to build a Native American “Cultural Center” as part of its efforts.

The Havasupai Community is at risk because its seeps and springs would dry up if the Stilo project uses groundwater and so far the developer has yet to identify a realistic alternative.

The Havasupai’s are not falling for a “Cultural Center” ploy and have formally opposed Forest Service Road access needed to make the Stilo development a reality.

Here is a portion of the Havasupai letter to the Forest Service.

“The application for roadway easements and any alternate Stilo development option require a full environmental impact statement because of the potential for significant adverse impacts to this treasured and unique location and because of the extensive public interest.”

Here is a link to the letter.

The letter concludes by stating the application should be rejected or the Forest Service should order an Environmental Impact Statement.