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Housing on wheels at Camper Village?

June 12, 2015

 More housing is supposed to be why Tusayan should get behind the environmentally damaging Stilo development project. But so far neither Stilo, nor longtime business owner Elling Halvorson has done anything to provide more housing.

In fact Halvorson, Stilo’s business partner, has allegedly been parking RV’s in Camper Village to serve as employee housing for his helicopter tour operation. That’s according to Red Feather Properties Manager Clarinda Vail who brought the situation to the Town Council’s attention.

She said the situation is compounding and she told the council, “No zoning case that has ever been approved for Camper Village allowed RV’s to be used as residences, but that’s what is happening and they are right on top of each other.”

Vail asked the council to take action and its shows the town is not enforcing its own regulations for this property.

Vail and Canyon Plaza owner Ann Wren do provide fixed structure housing for their employees in the form of apartment complexes.Other employers that provide such housing also include Tom Mace who operates Wendy's and the Holiday Inn.

Halvorson relies on older trailer homes.

Getting the Town Council to crack down on Halvorson may be challenge as four of the five members of the Town Council are his employees.

Halvorson’s alleged actions not only create hardships for his employees, it also creates a poor image for Tusayan.