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Tusayan Sanitary District May Solve Town Park Restroom Issue

June 30, 2015

For months Tusayan has been trying to figure out how to get sewer and water to the restroom at the Town Park. Enter the Tusayan Sanitary District. Its membership is considering a plan in which it would own and operate the utility connections between the home of Clarinda and John Vail and the park restroom. The Vails had already consented to the use of their line. The challenge was finding a legal mechanism to make it happen. 

That plan was presented at the June 24th Town Council meeting. That option would cost $128,000 and save the town the time and effort of hauling water and carrying off sewage. The latter option would cost $112,000.
Armed with that new information the Town Council will be seeking new construction bids.

Clarinda Vail said, "I really think this is a good idea,tying into the Sanitary District is a better way."  But she cautioned the legal details need investigating.

Mayor Bryan hopes those answers come quickly.

There is a deadline. Construction has to be finished by the end of the year in order to make sure most of the project is covered by a Community Development Block Grant.

In other council news, the Town finally recived a long awaited set of maps which will help the community plan development projects and assist with flood prevention issues. Councilman Bill Fitzgerald led efforts to improve mapping of the city. Woodson engineering presented the maps at the council's June 24th meeting.

The council also wished Will Wright best wishes. His last day as town manager was July 3rd.