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What is Jon Kyl Doing On The Stilo Project

July 15, 2015

 Since April there have been media reports that former US Senator Jon Kyl is working to help Stilo get a water supply for its environmentally damaging development in Tusayan. Specifically, a plan to pipe Colorado River water from Laughlin using old coal pipelines. That’s despite the fact that the Colorado is already in peril from drought and increased demand.

Stilo has also been talking up the idea.

It seems Kyl has been keeping a low profile. He has yet to make a statement and he has had no correspondence with the Forest Service on this plan. The Watchdog filed a public records request in April seeking all communication between the former senator and the Forest Service. The Forest Service sent us a response that arrived July third. It claims there has been no correspondence.

This begs the question, where is the Stilo water plan and why hasn’t Stilo’s high profile hired gun sent anything to the Forest Service which is debating a critical road access issue that can make or break the project.