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Interim Town Manager Would Like To Stick Around

August 3, 2015

 Eric Duthie has now settled into the job as Tusayan Town Manager. He told the Town Council he is interested in staying on as the permanent Town Manager. He was formally hired on an interim basis at the July 28th council meeting. Duthie later told the Watchdog, “ One thing I am finding interesting about this interim position and working for a company is that it gives the town an opportunity to take a look at me, is it a good fit. But’s it’s also vice versa. It’s also a chance to see if I would be comfortable with the town, comfortable with the people. Comfortable with the area.” 

He adds, “This is the first time I have worked as an interim, but I like the idea.”

Duthie has been a police officer in Arizona in Douglas. He was also a fire chief in that area.  He also served as a police chief. He was also Town Manager for Taylor, Arizona.

He says he is looking forward to the challenge of managing a town that does not yet have any infrastructure