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Bill Fitzgerald Resigns From Tusayan Town Council

August 9, 2015

He was the only member of the Tusayan Town Council not employed by Stilo or Stilo business partner Elling Halvorson. Bill Fitzgerald has resigned as a member of the Tusayan Town Council. The Town Council made the announcement at the August 5th meeting, the same day Fitzgerald notified the Mayor.

Fitzgerald was first appointed to the Town Council to replace Bob Blasi. He later won a term on his one. He was the top vote getter during the last election cycle. 

Fitzgerald tells the Watchdog he is retiring and moving to Camp Verde. He hopes his replacement will serve as an independent voice.  “There are three people on the council who vote for whatever the current mayor says. That’s four people who agree on everything no matter what they have said concerning an issue. That’s not good. I can count on one hand the number of no votes besides me.”

Fitzgerald paid a heavy price for his opposition to the Stilo development project which would put three million square feet of commercial space and thousands of new homes in the environmentally fragile area next to the Grand Canyon National Park.

Stilo mounted a legal campaign against him when he backed an anti-Stilo ballot item. The Italian developer also tried to get him fired from his job working in the post office at the Tusayan General Store. Stilo failed and Fitzgerald was able to retire on his own terms. 

Fitzgerald has some concerns given the makeup of the current council, “They all work for the same employer; we all have the same question as when they were elected to the Town Council, is somebody pulling their strings.”

The Town Council will start looking for a replacement this month and will soon be seeking applications. Fitzgerald said, “I am hoping somebody steps forward to apply for the position and run in the next election. And I am hoping that person does not work for the Halvorson or Stilo group.”