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Kotzin Access Decision May Not Happen Until October

September 13, 2015

The Forest Service may not decide until October  whether to facilitate Italian developer Stilo's controversial project that would add three million square feet of commercial space and thousands of new homes to the environmentally fragile area bordering the Grand Canyon National Park.

That's the word from Mayor Greg Bryan at the September 2nd council meeting. he said he had a recent conference with the Forest Service. he said,"they are continuing to wade through the 200,000 submittals and need to go through and physically almost touch every one to be sure they are wherever there's a unique address to make sure that it is recorded."

What the Mayor failed to mention is that the overwhelming majority of those submittals are in opposition. In fact three are just a handful of support letters. The issue is giving Stilo access to Long Jim Loop road to further the development.

The Mayor says a decision may also be delayed until after the new permanent District Ranger takes over.

Bryan added, "The New Forest Service Supervisor starts on October 4th and that may be tied in with her coming on board. It's in their hands as they proceed through that."