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Big Bucks For Broadband

September 21, 2015

 Tusayan’s Town Council continues to look for ways to bring broadband internet service to town. The latest study shows that it would take at least $10 million to do so. The plan is to run fiber optic cable from north of Williams into town and then run a fiber optic cable to every residence in town.

Systems Technology Staffing made the presentation and said it would take about two years to make broadband happen, assuming someone comes up with the money.

STS has met with Grand Canyon railway officials and they says the railroad would provide easements free of charge. Some of the cable would be run underground and some on poles.

Coming up with the money is problematic. The town council wants to make it clear that this would not be a free service. Residents wanting broadband would have to pay about $100 a month. Mayor Greg Bryan said, “We are committed to improving the quality of life but this is not welfare and it’s not we’re going to give it to you because you live here.”

If the fiber optic plan does take shape STS says it will be scalable, meaning the cable will be able to handle enough bandwidth to accommodate future needs.