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Law and Disorder

May 9, 2011

To say tempers were flaring at the May 4th Tusayan Town Council meeting would be an understatement. The big issue is law enforcement and the big problem is the yearly cost. Tusayan has to shell out more than $330,000 a year for the Coconino County Sheriff’s office to provide that service for the town. That service was free before incorporation. Somehow the minds behind the incorporation push failed to realize what they got for free before incorporation, comes with a price now.

Tusayan had hoped to renegotiate or dramatically change the contract with Coconino County. But Town Hall forgot to take into account that in order to end or significantly change the contract, Coconino County needed 120 days notice before the contract expired at the end of June.

That means Tusayan is locked into the deal for another year and that is not sitting well with Council Member Bob Blasi who is also upset with Coconino County for not outlining what it costs the County to provide law enforcement for Tusayan.

A clearly upset Blasi commented, “This filibustering and stalling ,if you will, because of what you call negotiating; asking three times and getting no response is not negotiating in my opinion, that is stalling in my opinion."

Blasi made it clear he is not happy with the current situation, “We want a reasonable service for a reasonable price..we are going to fix this problem…no more stalling no more filibustering.”

Blasi asked staff to have retired Judge Bill Sutton to continue his study of law enforcement in Tusayan. He says Sutton is one of the few people who have not ‘gouged’ the town.