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Blasi blasts Rep. Gosar

May 9, 2011

The Tusayan town Council meeting scheduled for May 18th was moved to May 19th to make room for a Town Hall in Tusayan hosted by Congressman Paul Gosar. The scheduling change didn’t happen without some fireworks.

Some members of the Tusayan town Council are not happy with the fact that the Town did not get a ‘heads up’ that the Congressman was coming to town.

Councilman Bob Blasi is also taken aback because no one asked for his input, “What are the contents of his agenda…his intention to call it a town hall meeting for Tusayan without even involving our input at all; I don’t understand that one bit.”

Mayor Greg Bryan says he too was a bit surprised, “It is true I heard about it through the back door….All I can says it’s a freshman congressman with a freshman staff that tried to do too much and doesn’t understand protocol in the process.” The Mayor adds, “I made a phone call to Washington DC and got a hold of his scheduler and expressed our dismay…and they fell over themselves in terms of apologizing.”

Blasi wasn’t having any of it, “I disagree with Mr. Gosar and his unintentional lack of decorum…we’re in a unique position to send a message to Congress and not change our meeting…Mr. Gosar has to learn a lesson because if he’s going to come to our town and hold a town hall meeting he’s going to involve the members of this town because we were elected to represent the people of Tusayan.”

Blasi suggested that Gosar attend the town council meeting. The council sided with Bryan and decided to move the council meeting. Blasi cast the only nay vote.

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