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Tusayan Mayor Greg Bryan Resigns

December 2, 2015

 Greg Bryan is resigning as Mayor of Tusayan. Bryan made the announcement at the December 2nd council meeting, citing family obligations.

The Mayor said," As of today I am letting the council know that I am resigning as of December 31st of this year. My desire is to be with my family which is pretty much out of the area now. I'll be moving out of state. Since residency is a requirement, I will be resigning as of December 31st. The 16th will be my last meeting unless we have some special meetings."

It's assumed that Vice Mayor Craig Sanderson will become Mayor and the Council will select a member of the community to fill the extra seat on the Council.

Following the meeting we asked Mayor Bryan for a comment. He declined.

Greg Bryan is the town's first elected mayor and has been a staunch supporter of the controversial Stilo development project. All members of the Town Council are either employed by Stilo or Stilo's business partner Elling Halvorson. That includes Bryan.