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Shuttle Service Likely To Expand

December 12, 2015

 The Grand Canyon shuttle service has been catching on. So much so that Tusayan is working with the National Parks Service to expand it. The service that takes tourists and residents from the town to the Grand Canyon has seen a 60% increase in ridership for 2015 with some 147,000 passengers. 

At the December 2nd Town Council meeting, the city manager was directed to work on an agreement with the Grand Canyon National park to extend the dates of operation by four weeks, adding two weeks at the start of the tourist season and two weeks at the end.  The service would run from May 6th to October 9th under the new agreement. The cost to Tusayan would be $60,000.

In addition to the benefits to the local tourism industry, the Parks Service says the shuttle reduced private vehicle traffic inside the park by 24,000. 

NPS Photo