Local News

Stuck In Neutral

January 17, 2016

 Stilo’s plans for a massive development at the doorstep of the Grand Canyon national Park seems to be going nowhere. It has been month since Stilo first put in its unpopular request to expand Long Jim Loop Road in order to sidestep local businesses on Highway 64 and allow more access to its Kotzin property.Messages in opposition to the access continue to flood the Kaibab National Forest.  Ad a matter of face a new wave of letters hit January 15th. While most are form letters, they are coming in from all over the United States. A Stilo Support. In May a Stilo supporter infamously held up a sign that read, “If you don’t live in Tusayan, Shut Up.” Apparently thousands of people concerned about the integrity of the Grand Canyon have not taken that advice.

Meanwhile, Tusayan’s much heralded Housing Authority is also in limbo, as there has been no council action on this for weeks. Several times, the council met in executive session with the hope of enacting the authority. Each time they failed. Unlike most housing authorities, Tusayan’s initial drafts indicate the income levels will be pretty high. While that may serve the higher paid Halvorson employees, it doesn’t exactly fit the traditional norm of housing authorities that are supposed to serve low income residents. At the January 6th meeting it was reported that guidelines are being reviewed and there are continuing discussions. Perhaps if Tusayan’s absentee business owner Elling Halvorson is truly concerned about housing he can build high quality units as has been done by other Tusayan business owners. Instead, Halvorson seems content to put his employees in trailers.