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Gosar looks at Tusayan Housing Issues

May 19, 2011

Congressman Paul Gosar acknowledges housing is a critical issue for Tusayan. Gosar says he reviewed the Stilo plan and received some background. He added that he plans to review the Stilo development plan independently, “We do our own background.”

At a town hall held May 18 at the Grand Canyon Airport Gosar told reporters, “You have to have houses,” adding that he would work to remove any federal impediments to additional housing in Tusayan.

Congressman Gosar

Among those attending the town hall were Mayor Greg Bryan, Vice Mayor Cecily Maniaci, and Council member Al Montoya. The council’s political benefactor was also there, Stilo honcho Thomas DePaolo. Gosar met with city staff members of the Town Council prior to the Town Hall and it’s likely he received a strong sales pitch for the Stilo plan. Also in strong attendance were members of Stilo’s PR team, Policy Development Group. One of them was watching closely when Gosar spoke to reporters.

 Gosar did not indicate if he supports the Stilo plan or if he had spoken to those opposed to it.
Much of the Town Hall was spent discussing the federal budget deficit and the need to rein in spending. Gosar told the crowd, “I’m a dentist and the federal government’s got a rotten molar.”

Gosar, who sits on the Government Oversight Committee, says he’s making it his mission to make sure federal agencies operate efficiently, “The folks in the agencies are good people, they’re just misguided.” He also let the crowd know he’s not of fan of raising the federal debt ceiling given the current climate of federal spending.

The Town Hall meeting came with a bit of controversy. It was originally scheduled without notifying the Town of Tusayan. Additionally, the Town Hall fell on the same date as a scheduled Town Council meeting. The Town Council scrambled to move the council meeting to the following day, after opining about the slight from Gosar’s staff.

Gosar also visited the kindergarten class of the Grand Canyon School and read a book to the school kids. He went to a first grade class and a 12th grade history class where he did some Q and A with the students.