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Kotzin Update. No News Is No News

February 7, 2016

 Italian developer Stilo’s attempts to grab land in order to expand Kotzin Road has hit a road block. The request is before the Forest Service and the road expansion is key to Stilo’s controversial development plans.

Town Manager Eric Duthie has disclosed to the council that once regular monthly conference calls to discuss the Kotzin have not taken place during the past few months. On February 3rd Duthie told the council, “That conference call has been cancelled the last couple of months. I’m not sure why. I can tell you from my standpoint it’s been distressing to see that in the seven months I have been here, we are exactly where we were on my first day here. And that’s a bit distressing.”

Nationwide and widespread opposition including 200,000 messages against the proposal may be only part of the problem. The application itself was submitted without a vote of the council and a vote was later taken after the fact. The Tusayan Sanitary District was ever consulted when the application was made. The Grand Canyon School District formally opposes the expansion because it puts large amounts of traffic next a park where children play. The expanded road was never a part of the Town’s general plan. Finally the road could harm existing Tusayan businesses by routing traffic directly to whatever Stilo is planning and away from established businesses. All of this happened before Duthie came on board. Duthie also has far more experience than his predecessor.

With Greg Bryan gone, Tusayan’s new mayor is discovering the fast track to Kotzin may have been the wrong track.