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Tusayan Fire District Works Through Challenges

February 14, 2016

 Tusayan’s Fire District is not out of the woods when it comes to finances but at least the woods aren’t on fire. Thanks to careful management from the Tusayan Fire District Board and Chief Greg Brush, the district is working to implement shifts that have three Firefighter/EMT’s on duty six out of seven days.

The district is also working to make sure it’s ready for a higher call volume because of an anticipated busier tourist season. “We ae expecting higher call volume with additional hotel. We are doing everything we can to plan ahead,” said Chief Brush.

District Board Chairman John Vail and Chief Brush addressed the Town Council February 3rd and thanked the town for its continued financial support.

That funding has been a challenge because of state imposed tax rate limits that are not keeping up with inflation. The Arizona Fire District Association is trying to lift those caps. Valle is still unable to form its own fire district and annexing Valle into Tusayan’s district would be too costly.

Another major challenge is out of district calls the Valle area. The district notes that the Highway 64/180 Corridor, “is used by everybody and their families in our community.”

And while federal grant money has been depleted, the lost funding for one firefighter is being made up by Tusayan.

Vail said, “For the first time in a couple of years we will be within our budget.”