Local News

The Band Needs a Hand

February 21, 2016

The band at the Grand Canyon School District needs between $5000 and $7,000 to cover the transportation costs for a performance at Universal Studios in late April. The band was one of a handful of school bands selected for such an honor. Despite raising and saving $15,000 over four years, there is not enough money to cover the transportation costs.

Band Director Bentley Monk asked if the Town Council could provide any help with charter buses which would transport 58 students and 12 chaperones on April 28th. The School District can’t spare the regular buses, especially while school is in session.

The Town Council on February 17th said they could see if members of the business community would like to donate but they said it would be difficult to commit town funds.

Councilman Montoya said if the Council gives cash to the band, then other activities or teams would submit requests. Montoya said, “I really have reservations about going in that direction.”

Montoya suggested having the kids work for the money by doing town projects but that idea was discounted because of liability issues.

The Council promised to take up the issue at its next meeting. Monk, who has been working to make such an opportunity for the students for several years, said he would appreciate any help the town could give him in connecting him with members of the business community.