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Resident Deputy Remains A Priority

February 21, 2016

 The Coconino County Sheriff’s says its goal is to have a deputy live and work in Tusayan.

Lt. Brian Tozar told the Town Council, “We don’t have someone who is currently living and assigned to the Tusayan area. We need to concentrate on getting someone up here as a resident community deputy.” Toozar added, " We will open for this spot and ask someone remain 12 to 18 months minimum."

Tozar also outlined Tusayan public safety statistics. He said speeding is on the decline because of the round-abouts.

Looking at the stats for 2015, there were 39 reports of property crime, and 29 instances of crimes on a person, such as assault. There were 19 instances of disorderly conduct. As far as citations, license and traffic violations accounted for 46%

Tozar said citations are just a small part of what the office does, “We’re not here just to write tickets and arrest people.”

Town Manager Eric Duthie said he has been impressed with the deputies who have been patrolling Tusayan saying they have been pleasant and willing to participate.