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Sheriff’s Service Sticker Shock

March 15, 2016

The Town of Tusayan is learning that while you can reap a great financial benefit by collecting sales taxes from the tourist trade, there is also a great financial obligation to keep the peace.

Tusayan is negotiating a new contract with the Coconino County Sheriff’s office and the office is proposing a steep increase. Right now Tusayan is paying the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office more than $300,000 year. Mayor Sanderson says the sheriff’s office is seeking a big increase but he won’t disclose just how big. But he did say, “The Increase was shocking.” 

Councilman Al Montoya said, “The cost versus the attention Tusayan is receiving is uneven. Perhaps we should revisit our own police force.”

Town Manager Eric Duthie has been tasked with getting a better deal. He has the experience not only as a town manager but he has also been a police chief in Hayden, Arizona. He told the council, “Having served a career in law enforcement and sat in those executive positions for many years I have a pretty good idea how to strengthen my argument with statistics.”

The major issues include how much time deputies spend in Tusayan, what defines a call for service, and administration costs.