Local News

Election Update

March 30, 2016

 The upcoming elections could bring some major changes to the Tusayan Town Council. Councilmembers Al Montoya, Jason Schoppmann and Becky Wirth are all up for re-election. Under a voter approved ordinance mayor Craig Sanderson and Vice Mayor John Rueter would have to resign if they chose to run for mayor.

The primary election is August 26th and the general election is November 4th.

Regular candidates have until June 1st to submit their paperwork. Write-in candidates have until July 21st for the primary and September 29th for the general.

All of those currently on the Town Council are employees of developer Stilo or Stilo’s business partner Elling Halvorson. None of them have opposed Stilo’s controversial development.

In past elections, pro-Stilo candidates have run on a platform of providing affordable housing that is tied to the Stilo project. Now that the Stilo project is on hold, that platform may be more of a challenge.