Local News

Town Park Takes Shape

March 30, 2016

 The Town of Tusayan and the Grand Canyon School District have filed a joint letter with the Forest Service to move a road at the Town park site in order to facilitate a soccer field, a baseball diamond, and a track.

The problem was that a small forest service dirt road was in the way of all of the moving parts. The district and the town have filed a joint letter on planned action to move the road to accommodate the sports complex.

The plan is to move the road closer to the norther boundary of the park.  The new road is expected to exceed Forest Service standards and both the school district and the town don’t see any problems.

Mayor Craig Sanderson is excited about the park’s future, “We can move forward with our progress and continue building a complex we can be proud of.”

Concrete work is also being done at the sports complex and the town is working on a ribbon currting