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Secrecy Surrounds Flood Plain Issue

April 29, 2016

 Tusayan's Town Council doesn't want Coconino County to be the administrator for the Town. That decision was made at the April 20th Town Council meeting. 

Town Manager Eric Duthie had originally intended that the County be the administrator but he changed his mind after meeting with Coconino County officials. Duthie indicated that the County may not move quickly enough as it relates to a development project. However the Town Manager did not disclose what project that might be. 

Meanwhile Red Feather properties Manager Clarinda Vail said she had been able to work effectively with the county on flood plain matters when she constructed quality employee housing in the Fireside Ridge project, "The county was very helpful in that process.I don't understand why the town would want to get in the middle of that (flood plain) process. Your staff could not currently help us with that process." Vail also pointed out that the Town of Tusayan would assume liability if it took over as flood plain administrator. It would be a permanent obligation for any project approved even if the county were to re-assume its role as flood plain administrator.

Vail said this would be an irreversible and will have unknown consequences.

It was Vail who asked the town to disclose what development project is involved with the Town's decision to be its own flood plain administrator. Duthie said he could not disclose that, "Unfortunately I can't. At this point. There has been some discussion about a variety of developments and one significant one." 

The Town Council wasn't hearing any of this with Mayor Sanderson saying the Town has not had good cooperation from the County. The town will be hiring a consultant to assume the flood plain administrators duties.