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Blasi takes on the status quo

May 25, 2011

Council member Bob Blasi says he’s encountering a lack of information and misinformation. Blasi told the Town Council May 19th he was not given accurate information about Congressman Paul Gosar’s may 18th Town Hall in Tusayan. “I was not given accurate information regarding what transpired before Mr. Gosar’s team came here. For the sake of the media I would like you to know that I feel I was played a little bit. I wear a big red button in front of me and people know right how to push it to get something to come out of mouth.”

Blasi added, “I’m getting to the point where I am not sure what I am being told is truthful.” He also believes “there is a lot of dastardly behind the scenes maneuvering.”

Blasi has demonstrated a tendency to be the sole voice of dissent on the Town Council, standing up to the status quo. It’s also important to note that Blasi has no business relationship with mega land owners Stilo or Elling Halvorson. Three council members work directly or indirectly for Halvorson. The Vice Mayor rents business property from him.

For a video of Blasi’s blockbuster statement from May 19th click here.

Whether or not Blasi will pay a price for his willingness to speak up is yet to be seen. Stilo and Halvorson hold a lot of power in Tusayan and taking on someone like Mayor Bryan, who works for Halvorson, is a pretty bold step.