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Tusayan Asking McCain, Gosar DC For A Hand On The Kotzin Issue

May 15, 2016

Tusayan’s Town council is hoping for a little help from some members of Arizona’s congressional delegation. The Mayor and the town council have reached out to Congressman Paul Gosar and Senator John McCain as they hold out hope of expanding Long Jim Loop Road to accommodate the controversial Stilo development.

The council is also staying in touch with Gosar, fearing the federal government and President Obama will declare monument status for the land surrounding the Grand Canyon National Park.

At the May 5th Town Council meeting Town Manager Eric Duthie reported, “We’ve has some discussions with our congressional delegation recently. We’ve had conversations with senator McCain’s staff and with the Senator concerning the “return” of the road application from the Forest Service. We also had some discussions with them about our housing needs and being able to find additional ways to try and resolve that. Having conversations with Congressman Gosar about the same issues as well his efforts to ttry to oppose the potential designation of a national watershed monument in this area. We have great concerns that Tusayan would be a part of that and would have some additional federal issues to have to deal with that could impact our housing and impact our development.”

Duthie said some of Tusayan’s comments have been included in a ‘listening session’ that was help in Kingman. Those comments will be used for Gosar’s educational material on the monument issue.