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Tusayan Mayor Craig Sanderson Resigns

June 10, 2016

 Tusayan Mayor Craig Sanderson has resigned as mayor in order to run for mayor. That’s because he was originally elected as a councilmember and because of a recently passed voter initiative, he has to resign his council seat to run for mayor. He is running unopposed.

There are five people seeking three seats on the town council. They are incumbent Al Montoya (4 year term), incumbent Rebecca Wirth (2 year term), Anavon Harris (two year term), Planniong and Zoning Commissioner  Robert Gossard (2 year term), and David Chavez (4 year term).

John Rueter is now serving as Mayor. he was sworn in during a special meeting June 8th. Wirth was named Vice-Mayor. Rueter is an employee of Stilo. He and John Schoppmann are serving terms that do not expire in 2017 and do not have to stand for reelection this year. Sanderson's resignation means there is an empty seat on the Town Council which needs to be filled. anyone intersted in filling that post can contact Town Hall at 928-638-9909.

Any council member that is not reelected is eligible to apply for ‘affordable’ housing under recently approved rules for the Tusayan Housing Authority.

Despite the fact that nearly the the entire slate of candidates supports the controversial Stilo development plan, Stilo isn’t taking any chances. Its political arm, Tusayan’s Future, spent a few grand on a slick video urging residents to support the town council. That job may be more difficult if any former council members are among those selected for the 20 ‘affordable’ housing units planned for the Ten-X property.