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Evidence mounts that Cecily Maniaci is not a resident of Tusayan

June 6, 2011

 By Michael Anthony Scerbo

We’ve found another document that indicates Cecily Maniaci was a resident of Paradise Valley when she ran for Town Council. An April divorce filing lists her home address in Paradise Valley and the paperwork was filed in Maricopa County Superior Court. Here is a link to the documents.

 Ordinarily we would not be reporting on someone’s divorce, it is a private matter that should not impact on someone’s ability to serve. In this case, the information is necessary because the divorce filing is the latest in a series of documents that list Maniaci’s address in Paradise Valley. It’s also worth noting that when you sign divorce paperwork you do so under oath. So essentially, Maniaci is swearing under oath that the home in Paradise Valley is in fact her address. If she really did live in Tusayan, why didn’t she give her Tusayan address?

Her corporation commission filing lists her Paradise Valley address. Here’s a link.  In fact the Corp Com report was updated in March of this year. If she moved to Tusayan it’s not reflected here. Maniaci is listed as the owner of a Paradise Valley home according to this link from the Maricopa County Assessor’s office. All of the addresses are the same, and they indicate Maniaci lives at and owns an upscale home in Paradise Valley.

There is more evidence that Maniaci does not live in Tusayan. In 2010 she received a speeding ticket. The case was handled in Williams Justice Court. According to the State Supreme Court Database, Maniaci lists her address in Phoenix. Here is a link to the screen shot.

A pattern seems to be emerging. Real estate records, business records, personal records, and now sworn court documents all show Maniaci as living someplace other than Tusayan.

We’ve sent an email to Ms. Maniaci seeking comment and have yet to get a reply.