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Tusayan Approves A $12 Million Budget

June 29, 2016

 The Tusayan Town Council has approved a $12.6 million budget for the next fiscal year. Revenue is only projected to be $7.4 million. The rest of the money would come from reserves.

Town manager Eric Duthie also points out just because all that money has been budgeted, doesn’t mean it will be spent.

$4 million has been set aside for affordable housing. Only 20 units are planned. That works out to $200,000 per unit.Still no word as to who will recieve one of those units, but former council members are eligible.

$2 million has also been set aside for a possible fiber optics project. There are also a million dollars and revenue and expenditures for a water project.

Mayor John Rueter wants to make sure the town sets aside a total of $75,000 for bus stop art and trail improvements.