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Election Update: Three Candidates Must Refile To Get On The Ballot

August 3, 2016


The original ballot for the Tusayan Town Council election was incorrectly drafted and as a result Becky Wirth, Robert Gossard, and Anavon Harris have until August 10th to refile to get on the ballot.

There will now be two elections. The election for mayor will still be held August 30. Craig Sanderson is running unopposed.
The Council election has been moved to November 8th.

There are as many as five candidates for seeking two four year terms.

They are incumbent Al Montoya, incumbent Rebecca Wirth, Anavon Harris, Planning and Zoning Commissioner Robert Gossard, and David Chavez.

Montoya and Chavez are already on that ballot. But because of a mix-up Wirth, Harris, and Gossard have to refile. They have until August 10th. As a matter if fact anyone who wants on the ballot could file as long as they have the signatures.

Anavon Harris has already filed to get on the ballot.

The Town Council held a meeting on August 1st to try and fix the problem. At that meeting they also debated who should fill a vacancy created when Craig Sanderson resigned to run for Mayor. John Rueter, who is now serving as Mayor, made a motion to have Gossard fill that vacancy. That motion died for lack of a second.

Gossard has certainly worked hard for Tusayan, serving on the Planning and Zoning Commission. The Council’s decision to reject his appointment is somewhat of a mystery.

Meanwhile Anavon Harris is the first candidate to have responded to our questionnaire. Her response is below

~Wife, Mother, Grandmother and South Rim Manager for Canyon Flight Trading Company.

How many years have you lived in Tusayan?
~ My family and I have been actively involved in the success of Tusayan since we moved here in 2014.

Do you own a home outside the town limits?     If so, where?
~ No, we do not.

Please list prior government and or community service.
~ I am currently an active Rotarian in our community and I have been a volunteer with Red Cross for more than 35 years. I  have served in many different communities nationwide with my church and local organizations and I have always been actively involved in the schools and education programs where we have lived and continue to do so today. 

Please state why you are seeking to serve on the Tusayan Town Council?
~I love living here and I am enjoying the success and progress that I see happening around us. I would love to help make a difference in our community and to service the citizens of Tusayan. I love working with people to help make our world a more positive place to live, one small town at a time.

If elected or re-elected what would be your top three priorities?
~Like I have stated before, in my opinion, I feel our primary goals are to provide a safe and secure environment for our families and children, we need to help our families and businesses with better internet options and provide adorable housing for the families that want to come here, work here and raise their children here.

Are you in favor of the Stilo development project?
~ I am the "New Kid on the Block", so to speak, when it comes to the Stilo projects, so right now at this time I am in need of more information before I can formulate or give an honest answer to this question.

Are there aspects of the project you would like to see changed?
~ due to the lack of information on my part I would not care to comment at this time.

Do you agree with the Forest Service’s decision to ‘return’ the application seeking access to the Kotzin site?
~ I don't agree or disagree with this decision, I was not here or involved with the original letter of intent, there for I don't have enough information to comment on the matter yet.

Do you think former members of the Town Council should be eligible for Tusayan’s affordable housing project? 
 ~ you know, this is an interesting question that I have thought about a lot. I am pro equal opportunity for all citizens of our community and I understand both sides of this issue. One of my main goals is to help provide affordable housing to our families here in Tusayan, But I also understand the conflicts and concerns that can arise when we become our own housing authority.