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Council Approves Stilo Development Amenedment Details Without Knowing the Details

August 31, 2016

 Confusion reigned as the Tusayan Town Council signed off on a laundry list of items related to the second amendment to the Stilo Development agreement. items included escrow, location of the Ten-X affordable housing parcels and obtaining an updates letter.

Mayor John Rueter recused himself because of his employment with Stilo. That left Vice Mayor Becky Wirth in charge.

Duthie reviewed the location of 16 parcels which would be earmarked as affordable housing on Ten-X. Duthie feels the town would be able to overcome some flood plain issues at Ten-X. 

The council went on to approve items related to executing the the amendment to the development agreement, as well as escrow, and the Camper Village Site Plan without the ability to review any documents.

Town Manager Eric Duthie said the items were placed there at the request of the City Attorney Bill Sims who was not at the meeting. There were no documents for the council or the public to review. 

The council was also asked to approve an item related to the Town's processing of the Camper Village site plan and the amendment to the development agreement, Again, no details were provided. 

Councilman Montoya raised some concerns about the lack of details. Duthie responded, "I am not the Town Attorney so I can't be specific about what that is other than I can tell you that as we move to update these things there needs to be the legal response to update things that have already been there but bring it up again. I'm just referencing what the Town Attorney has represented what we need to get done."

Councilman Montoya said it would be helpful if the Town Attorney were on the phone .

Duthie apologized for the lack of details but said any delay in moving these items forward may delay the Town receiving the deed for the affordable housing parcels. 

Montoya said even though it would be after the fact, he would like to get some details from the Town Attorney.

Councilman Schoppmann said, " I would like a little note as to what I just agreed to."