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The Status Of Monument Status

October 19, 2016

 One of the reasons Tusayan Town Hall wants to fast track the approval process for parts of the Stilo development project is the possibility President Obama may designate monument status on land surrounding the Grand Canyon National Park.  The reality is no one knows what the impact would be. In fact Tusayan does not have a legal opinion on the prospect from the Town Attorney. When asked October 5th on how monument status would impact Ten-X or Kotzin Mayor Craig Sanderson replied, “Nothing definitive, nobody is willing to nail it down because it’s kind of uncertain.  All we can do is push forward on our own as a council to try and protect our lands and our use privilege to build housing.”

The Town has written to the White House for clarification.

A prominent proponent of monument status, Dr. Robin Silver, has said he does not believe such status would impact the Stilo project.