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Montoya/ Wirth Re-Elected To Tusayan Town Council

November 10, 2016

 With a little help from Stilo, Al Montoya and Rebecca Wirth have been re-elected to the Tusayan Town Council. Montoya got 54 votes, Wirth got 50 votes. P and Z commissioner Robert Gossard came in third with 32 votes.

Here are the stats from Coconino County:

WIRTH, REBECCA 50 24.63%
HARRIS, ANAVON 30 14.78%
CHAVEZ, DAVID 30 14.78%
MONTOYA, AL 54 26.60%
Write-in Votes 7 3.45%

Montoya and Wirth had plenty of help. “Tusayan’s Future” Stilo’s front group, had spent some cash putting out slick Facebook videos urging voters to keep the current council. It’s the same council that has not yet produced any affordable housing despite more than five years of incorporation.

Tusayan’s Future formed a political action committee AFTER it launched the first video. That’s a violation of campaign finance laws but nobody has filed a complaint.

Meanwhile, the new agenda for next week’s council meeting is out and there is nothing to indicate the deed to the 10X property has been transferred from Stilo to Tusayan. That transfer is needed before the first ten ‘affordable’ housing units can be built. If they are built.