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Grand Canyon Chamber And Visitor’s Bureau Promoting Winter Tourism

November 6, 2016

 The biggest challenge for tourism in Tusayan is to get tourists to come in the winter.

The Director of the Grand Canyon Chamber and Visitor’s Bureau is taking that challenge head on.

Laura Chastain recently updated the Tusayan Town Council. She is working with Arizona Convention and Visitor Bureau to spread the word and is also reaching out nationally and internationally placing ads in the Wall Street Journal, in Toronto newspapers, and Horizon Magazine.

She says the goal is to, “Make people aware we are open year-round, not just three months in the summer.”

Chastain is also working with a team to create a virtual Grand Canyon Experience, hoping that sending out the virtual experience worldwide would encourage tourists to come over and see the real thing.

The total marketing plan is about $81,000. Tusayan has set aside $100,000 per year to assist the Chamber.

Mayor Sanderson commented the town is happy to see that money is now being spent and it’s clearly a good effort.

The council approved the marketing plan.