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Stilo Spends When Tusayan Votes

December 1, 2016

 While only 203 people voted in the most recent Tusayan election for Town Council, the folks at Stilo went on a spending spree to make sure the council elections went their way.

According to campaign finance reports, Stilo spent more than $40,000 on the election via “In Kind” contributions.

Here is a link to the reports.

The money was used for video production and consulting services. The videos didn’t exactly get rave reviews. Here is one response from Facebook, “Propaganda at its best on Facebook. 6 years and Current town council has done squat!”  Here is another comment, “Where is the water coming from? How about a real answer that would really work.

When you consider about 200 votes were cast in the Tusayan election and Stilo spent $40,000. That works out to $200 a vote. Talk about civic involvement. As for what Stilo gets for its ‘involvement’ …. that’s certainly up for debate.

Logan-Luca LLC, which is the partnership behind the controversial Stilo development kicked in the in kind contributions. The videos produced urged the town to support the current Town Council members and then proceeded to tout the all of the things Stilo has done for Tusayan such as ‘affordable housing” which still hasn’t been built. In fact as of December 1st the deed to the 10X land has not been transferred.