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10X Deed Finally Recorded

January 20, 2017

After months of delays, the deed has been recorded for the 10X parcel which would be used for "affordable housing" for Tusayan residents.

That happened December 30th and the final plat was recorded January 4th (apparently without a formal vote from the Town Council). An update was provided in the Town Manager's report for the January 18th council meeting. That report also notes that the Forest Service road maintenance application is in process. The council had been working the transfer since October.

The 10X parcel for affordable housing is 20 acres. Stilo has imposed a limit of 20 single family homes that can be built at this point. It doesn't matter if that is a condo or a single home. 20 units is the maximum.

That density cannot be expanded unless Stilo gets additional density at the 10X parcel for its controversial commercial development plans. Those are the terms of the second amendment to the Stilo development agreement.

Mayor Craig Sanderson says the Council is considering condos and micro homes in order to best utilize the land on an economical basis. that's because a large percentage of the land Stilo gave the Town is in a flood plain. Sanderson says,"That definitely makes challenges to develop. We have a nice chunk that is on a hill, well outside the flood plain. That land up there, we want to have good utilization of that."