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Stilo’s First Big Step for Local Housing..more mobile homes at Camper Village

July 13, 2011


Mega developer Stilo is supposedly getting ready to submit its land use plan to the Town Council. If the Town OK’s this fiasco, Stilo and business partner Elling Halvorson plan to make a fortune by building a massive retail complex at the Camper Village site and high end housing at Kotzin and 10-X. Oh, they also want to set aside a paltry 40 acres for affordable housing, but that’s at least two years away.
At the July 6th council meeting Mayor Greg Bryan said they anticipate submitting their proposal in a week to ten days. On July 12th we were informed that the proposal has not yet been submitted but that has not stooped Stilo from trying to gin up interest.
The mega developer that bankrolled incorporation is proposing short term housing, and their big plan is….mobile homes at Camper Village. That seems to be what Tusayan already has. Without applying for a special use permit, Stilo plopped two of its model mobiles at Camper Village.
They don’t look nearly as impressive as the pictures on the Stilo website which doesn’t even mention how much money these mobiles would cost.
Mayor Greg Bryan, who works for Stilo business partner Elling Halvorson said, “We’re getting closer to the point where we as a community can dive in and express our wishes and create a package that we’d look forward to having as a positive piece for the Town of Tusayan.” The plans will first go to the Planning and Zoning Commission, which just happens to be members of the Tusayan Town Council. That’s because the Council fired the previous Planning and Zoning Commission which included concerned residents such as Fire Chief Robert Evans.
Without a second set of eyes looking over the Council’s shoulder, the Town Council is free to fast track a massive land use plan that would make millions for Stilo and Halvorson. Those are the two entities that bankrolled incorporation and the candidacies of the current Council. In addition to Bryan, Council Members Al Montoya and John Reuter are employed by Halvorson. Vice mayor Cecily Maniaci rents business property from him.