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John Rueter Resigns From Tusayan Town Council

February 24, 2017

 Tusayan Town Councilman John Rueter is resigning from the Tusayan Town Council. His letter of resignation appears in Wednesday’s Town Council Agenda. Rueter says he wants to focus on personal and other business goals.The resignation was effective February 21st. He make no recommendations as to who should replace him. Rueter’s pet project has been the sports complex at the town park and he urged the council to continue that work.

Here is the text of that letter.

Dear Council,

Please accept my resignation effective 2/21/2017.

It has been a privilege to work with all of you and serve the community as Councilman, Vice Mayor and Mayor. It has been an honor to participate in the founding and building of the Town of Tusayan.

I believe your goals for the coming year and future are well thought out and much work lies ahead. There are others ready and capable to fill my vacancy and move projects forward. I hope you will fill the vacancy without delay. Seeing the council sustain itself and others coming forward gives me faith you will finish what we started almost ten years ago, before incorporation.

I choose to focus other on personal and other business goals at this time. I do hope to see you sometime from the other side of the council dais. I am very thankful for the time and effort all of you give to the community. Please follow your own minds and hearts they are good ones.

My hope and request would be only one- please complete the Sports Complex. It will be a lasting asset to all-from Valle to Grand Canyon Village that can be shared - those here now and those to come- especially our youth and school. There is no greater return on investment of monies or time.