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The back story on the Fire Fiasco

July 19, 2011


There is another controversy on the Tusayan 3rd of July celebration that may or may not be related to the fire fiasco.
The Tusayan Town Council feels the Chamber of Commerce and or the Fire District may have broken the law over a small camp fire lit during the celebration. Tusayan’s Fire Chief has written a letter taking the Town Council to task.
The Chamber has been low key in its response. Chamber president Mike Rock says he has been contacted by the Sheriff’s Office over the fire incident.
It turns out there is an interesting back story to the celebration.
Stilo, the developer that funded the incorporation election, was going to contribute $5,000 towards the cost of the 3rd of July event.  As a condition, the company wanted a booth to showcase the land use plan it’s trying ram rod through the Town Council. According to Rock, on June 22nd the Chamber Board voted that such a booth would not be appropriate. Stilo then withdrew the offer of five grand.
The Town Council has been Stilo boosters. Three of them work for Stilo business partner Elling Halvorson. A 4th rents business property from Boss Halvorson.
This begs the question; did the Town Council make an issue of the fire out of loyalty to their corporate masters at Stilo? Rock, who like the rest of the Chamber tries to stay neutral on Stilo issues, would not speculate on such a theory.
The Watchdog has been getting lots of messages over this issue. In fact the fire fiasco has hit the streets.
                                                                                                                                                                                       A bunch of these signs were plastered all over town. Most of them were taken down by Monday afternoon.
The signs, and the fact that Tusayan residents are speaking up, comes as Stilo is making noise about having its land use plan in order. This people power rebellion can’t be sitting well with Stilo and Halvorson.
It’s proof that while elections can be bought, the hearts and minds of the people of Tusayan cannot.